Books about QuarkXpress

Here are some useful books about QuarkXpress, including a book on AppleScripting QuarkXpress.

AppleScripting QuarkXPress

Learn how to take total control of your favorite graphics program: QuarkXpress while learning AppleScript. This book is an indispensable tool that takes users from beginning to advanced concepts in automating time consuming tasks like: converting Quark documents to HTML, creating an template that automatically sets up your newspaper or magazine page with the correct justification and textboxes you choose. There is virtualy no limit to what you can automate with AppleScript and this book tells you how. Included also are 100 ready to use scripts, scores of ideas to incorporate in scripts of your own, and a CD Rom with scripts and sample files you can use.

QuarkXPress6 Bible

Guide to using QuarkXPress version 6.0. Shows how to create flexible documents containing multiple layouts for print and the Web; discusses the production secrets of world-class designers; and presents enhanced print, PDF, and Web tools for maximum productivity and creativity. Softcover.

* Cross-platform coverage for Mac and Windows versions; covers the long-awaited upgrade of QuarkXPress, which will be compatible with Mac OS X
* Written from the perspective of the real-world designer or production specialist, this book uses visual examples to explain how to use the program in the context of real work
* Addresses all significant aspects of QuarkXPress, including color print-ing, online publishing, workflow considerations, cross-platform exchange, source file preparation, printed output, and much more
* Covers new features and tools for publishing to print, Web, and mobile devices
* Includes a Quick Start section to get readers up and running by creating an actual project, plus an all-new tear-out reference card
* QuarkXPress has been by far the world's leading page composition tool since the early 1990s, with an installed base estimated at more than three million

QuarkXPress 6 for Dummies

While aimed at beginners, Dummies also highlights new features in Quark v.6for up-graders seeking to brush up their skills. Clear prose, step-by-step instructions, tips and warnings make this a useful guide; sidebars and brief notes on "technical stuff" provide additional information without overwhelming novices. Content ranges from a basic introduction to the interface up through creating web projects and indexes. Covering both the Windows and Mac versions, this is a good purchase for all public libraries and those seeking to replace older guides (see Computer Media, LJ 9/11/02). (Library Journal, November 1, 2003)

  1. Get a quick handle on the new features of QuarkXPress 6, including Mac OS X and Windows XP compatibility, enhanced undo functionality, full-resolution previews, and new ways to manage complex projects
  2. Written by designers for designers, covering all the major tools for layout, text editing, special effects, Web page development, and printing in simple, easy-to-understand language
  3. Enables both beginning and intermediate designers to start using the program quickly
  4. From two highly qualified authors: Barbara Assadi, former manager of Quark, Inc.’s Editorial Services department, and Galen Gruman, a desktop publishing pioneer and former executive editor of Macworld

QuarkXPress 6 Killer Tips

The hottest collection of cool tips and hidden secrets for the QuarkXPress pro who needs results FAST! Packed with nothing but sidebar tips, QuarkXPress users will get what you want by learning productivity enhancing secrets that even a lot of pros don't know.When it comes to QuarkXPress, time is money. QuarkXPress X Killer Tips is allabout speed; showing professionals how to get more work done faster, whileactually increasing quality. Offering over 300 tips on topics such as templates,pictures, importing text, type, layout, color, preflight, and design, this book isdesigned to teach the you all those hidden productivity tips, inside shortcutsand little-known tricks. Built on the premise that "Speed Kills", QuarkXPressusers will learn how to get twice the work done in half the time.

Real World QuarkXPress 7

Thanks to its friendly, easy-to-read style, Real World QuarkXPress is the world's number-one selling reference on QuarkXPress. At many design firms and schools it's considered required reading. If you've had some experience with QuarkXPress, this book will help you sharpen your skills on all the new features of QuarkXPress 7. And if you're an advanced user, all the tips, tricks, and techniques will turn you into a raging inexorable QuarkXPress speed demon.

QuarkXpress Software

QuarkXpress 6.5 (PC)

QuarkXPress 6.5 makes it easier to retain a powerful presence in the world of art and publishing! Full-resolution previews lets artists scale or magnify images with minimal pixelation, as well as position page elements more precisely Direct PDF exporting from QuarkXPress without buying third-party software Full support for Windows 2000, XP and Mac OS X v10.2


Here is a link to some really excellent Free AppleScripts by Jon. They are free for noncommercial use. If you want to include them in a commercial software solution, contact him to negotiate a reasonable license (its only fair). He provides some 30 commands to extend functionality. Anything from deleteFile to sound volume can be found here.